Shop Fitters London

Shop Fitters LondonWe are a proven and established market player when it comes to professional shop fitting services in and around London. In the number of years we have been on the market, we have accumulated all the necessary experience and knowledge to do exceptional job every time. We have all the required skills and labour in house, in the form of our highly skilled team of technicians and experts capable of taking on any shop job.

The company has the required know-how to carry out an entire shop fitting project from start to end. If necessary we will appoint a project manager who will oversee all work done on site and will coordinate different tradesmen teams in order to progress efficiently through the project at hand – especially important when the venue is active. The company has covered most types of shop fitting in the past including leisure, trade, retail and travel establishments. Our results speak for themselves.

The major tasks we specialize in include major and minor refurbishments with structural and woodwork included. We can do shop partitions in order to create extra space or change floor layouts. We can construct all types of display units for different products. Our experts will even do the finer details like lighting, heating etc. We will provide you with expert advice and consultancy throughout the entire project, our people will provide advice on correct floor space utilization and will help out with the choice of finishing interior materials, types of paint and surfacing. Our customers have the option of a free on site viewing in order to prepare an accurate quote. The quotes we give are obligation free.

The costs of the project will be determined and estimated in the course of the viewing and the active participation of our customers. Prices are flexible and tailored to suit the available budget for the project. All work done comes with a guarantee as lasting and high quality results are delivered every time.