Loft Conversions London

Loft Conversions LondonThe creation of extra living space is the idea and purpose of many house extension and renovation projects these days. In most instances though, the preferred option is to undergo a loft conversion as it is more economical and not as structurally intrusive as major renovations or adding extensions.

On staff, we have a full team of qualified specialists and experts, capable of carrying out all procedures related to the loft conversion from the planning stage and the technical drawings to interior decorators. The company has the necessary expertise and equipment to perform development on side and hipped roof parts of the exterior as this is sometimes necessary to accommodate new stair cases or to structurally enhance the building for the interior changes. We work in close relation with local building councils thus ensuring that the conversion and the structural changes of the property are legal, safe and done according to all British Standards.

The company can offer ready, off the shelf conversion plans or we can work with customer ideas and designs, or even better incorporate both into a new, improved interior design project. The company works only with the best and highest quality materials and products as the idea is to create a lasting, durable and sustainable interior solution that will satisfy. For larger scale projects we offer the option of site manager, who will oversee all work done for your peace of mind. Once the design solution is decided upon, our people will explain and walk the customers through each step of the process, explaining why and how things will be done – we aim to keep the way we do business clear, simple and straight forward.

The pricing range for the loft conversion projects is individually formed and at per job basis. This ensures that our customers receive individually tailored service and individually formed price. Our customers have the option of choosing colours, materials and finishes for the complete conversion project. All the work we do comes with a guarantee, we use only the most highly skilled workmen for all our projects.